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I have one of those significant birthdays with a 0 in it in June 2013 and I have decided that it marks a good time to reduce my workload. This means that after July 2013 I am going to change my 'status' from being "semi-retired" to "mostly retired." This means that I will be available only for a limited number of "special" sessions. "Special" will be determined by me and may involve the place or the event. You are welcome to ask but please do not be upset or offended if I say no.

I will continue to be available for webinars and/or Skype sessions.

I have not worked in Prince Edward Island, Nunavut, Yukon, Alaska, Arkansas, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Opportunities to work in that province and those territories and states would be considered as "special."


These workshops can be presented in a variety of formats ranging from a 1-2 hour keynote to a one-day workshop to a two-day institute. The preferred minimum length of time for a workshop is three hours.

How to Grade for Learning - Guidelines for Fixing Broken Grades

In this session standards-based grading practices will be discussed, and approaches that encourage effective learning and support student success will be presented. Teachers are effectively linking an increasingly broad range of assessment and evaluation approaches with their teaching to improve learning. The next stage is linking this standards-based classroom assessment to grading practices in order to make grades accurate, meaningful, consistent, and supportive of learning. Sometimes grades are "broken" and do not meet these standards. This session will provide a "repair kit" of strategies that can be used to fix broken grades. Participants will analyze eight guidelines and fifteen fixes for grades, which really make a difference when they are applied in classrooms. Participants will also have opportunities to discuss the implications of the ideas presented for their school/district.

This workshop can be presented with different emphases - fixes and guidelines together, fixes only, or guidelines only.

Grading and Reporting for Learning

How confident are you that the grades students get in your classroom, school or district are consistent, accurate, meaningful, and supportive of learning, and that your report cards give quality information about each student as a learner? This session will include discussion of 15 'fixes' for grades and 11 guidelines for reporting that ensure quality grading and reporting that supports learning.

This workshop can be presented with different emphases - grading and reporting together, reporting only, or grading only.

Workshops can also be presented as videoconferences or webinars by mutual agreement.