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PowerSchool Unified Classroom ™  


Today’s educators need effective tools that save them time and provide blended, digital personalized learning opportunities. The award-winning PowerSchool Unified Classroom™ connects the classroom and home into a single, easy-to- use online solution. Teachers now have one unified experience for gradebook, learning, and assessment applications, gaining a 360-degree view of student performance for data-driven instruction and better academic success. 


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Key products included in the
Unified Classroom solution include:  

  • Unified Classroom™ Gradebook saves teachers time with simpler, more powerful grading functionality on any device, anywhere. PowerTeacher Pro is optimized for both standards-based and traditional grading so teachers have a flexible, seamless online tool to quickly enter scores, determine grades using their professional judgment and share updates with parents and students, and view and analyze class and student performance.
  • Unified Classroom™ Learning is an intuitive, cloud-based learning management and classroom collaboration application. Empower teachers and students to quickly create and deliver rich, engaging instructional content. Create embedded lessons, electronically collect, annotate, and record scores for assessments, and easily share with other educators. Plus, real-time data from multiple sources allows teachers to gain insight into student progress, adjust instruction, and focus on personalized/differentiated learning.
  • Unified Classroom™ Assessment gives teachers and administrators real-time student insights through secure, online formative assessments, interim benchmarks, exit tickets and more.  With extensive item bank access to standards- and common-core aligned items, teachers can easily build assessments, prep students for summative assessments, plus examine performance insights by standard, Bloom’s taxonomy, or Webb’s DOK. Instructors can identify trends by student, class or school, adjust instructional strategies on the fly, and pinpoint best practices to drive student growth.