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Education Consultant

Supporting effective communication of achievement and grades that are CALM - consistent, accurate, learning-focused and meaningful.

Ken O'Connor an independent consultant who specializes in issues related to the communication of student achievement, especially grading and reporting. Through books & articles, presentations and working with small groups, Ken helps individuals, school and school districts to improve communication about student achievement.

In 1995, Ken developed eight guidelines for grading, and he has continued to refine those guidelines. In 2007, the same ideas were organized fifteen fixes for broken grades. He has also designed eleven guidelines for standard based reporting. He is now generally acknowledged to be one of a small group of leading experts on how to grade and report effectively


Repair Kit for Grading: (3rd Edition) 15 Fixes for Broken Grades with Discussion & Repair Guide

Professional Networking

Ken is open to professional dialogue through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

He suggests joining the "Standards Based Learning and Grading" Facebook group to post questions, and receive responses and peer feedback.

Ken also recommends participating in the Standards Based Learning Twitter chat on alternate Wednesdays at 9 PM ET (#sblchat), and the All Things Assessment chat (#ATAssess) at 9 PM ET on alternate Tuesdays.

For Canadians, he recommends joining the Canadian Assessment for Learning Network and the CAfLN Facebook Group and following @CAFLNetwork on Twitter.

Follow Ken on twitter @kenoc7

Better (grades) for me means making them CALM - consistent, accurate, learning-focused, and meaningful. 

— KEN O'CONNOR, How to Grade for Learning, 4th Edition, Corwin, 2018, 2

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